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Results & Fixtures: All Ireland Teams
*Kick off times are all local to where the match is being played

May 2018
Wed 30 May21:00U20WC-PCFrance U20sFrance U20s26 - 24Ireland U20sIreland U20sA
L 24-26Aime Giral
June 2018
Sun 3 Jun16:30U20WC-PCSouth Africa U20sSouth Africa U20s30 - 17Ireland U20sIreland U20sA
L 17-30Parc des Sports (l'Egassiarial
Thu 7 Jun18:30U20WC-PCIreland U20sIreland U20s20 - 24Georgia U20sGeorgia U20sH
L 20-24Parc des Sports (l'Egassiarial
Tue 12 Jun16:00U20WC-S9/10Ireland U20sIreland U20s29 - 45Scotland U20sScotland U20sH
L 29-45Aime Giral
Sun 17 Jun11:00U20WC-11/12Ireland U20sIreland U20s39 - 33Japan U20sJapan U20sH
W 39-33Stade Mediterranee
July 2018
Fri 20 Jul12:12RWC7s-R16England Women 7sEngland Women 7s14 - 19Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
W 19-14AT&T Park
Fri 20 Jul15:35RWC7s-Pre16Ireland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7s17 - 12ChileIRFUH
W 17-12AT&T Park
Fri 20 Jul17:30RWC7s-QFNew Zealand Women's 7sNew Zealand Women's 7s45 - 0Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 0-45AT&T Park
Fri 20 Jul21:15RWC7s-R16South AfricaSouth Africa45 - 7Ireland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7sA
L 7-45AT&T Park
Sat 21 Jul10:58RWC7s-5/8Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s20 - 15Russia Women's 7sRussia Women's 7sH
W 20-15AT&T Park
Sat 21 Jul14:04RWC7s-CHQFIRFUKenya14 - 24Ireland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7sA
W 24-14AT&T Park
Sat 21 Jul19:00RWC7s-5/6Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s7 - 12Spain Women 7sSpain Women 7sH
L 7-12AT&T Park
Sun 22 Jul11:34RWC7s-CHSFIreland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7s27 - 12Wales 7sIRFUH
W 27-12AT&T Park
Sun 22 Jul16:01RWC7s-CHFAustraliaAustralia14 - 24Ireland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7sA
W 24-14AT&T Park
October 2018
Sat 20 Oct10:52W7-PoolFrance Women's 7sFrance Women's 7s21 - 12Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 12-21Infinity Park
Sat 20 Oct13:14W7-PoolCanada Women's 7sCanada Women's 7s24 - 12Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 12-24Infinity Park
Sat 20 Oct15:58W7-PoolIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s59 - 7Fiji Women's 7sFiji  Women's 7sH
W 59-7Infinity Park
Sun 21 Oct10:30W7-QFNew Zealand Women's 7sNew Zealand Women's 7s34 - 7Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 7-34Infinity Park
Sun 21 Oct13:27W7-5/8Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s21 - 10Russia Women's 7sRussia Women's 7sH
W 21-10Infinity Park
Sun 21 Oct15:41W7-5/6FIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s19 - 21Australia Womens 7sIRFUH
L 19-21Infinity Park
November 2018
Sat 3 Nov15:00TestIrelandIreland54 - 7ItalyItalyH
W 54-7Soldier Field35,000
Sat 3 Nov16:00FItaly U18sItaly U18s12 - 31Ireland U18 ClubsIRFUA
W 31-12La Ghirada Centro Sportivo, Treviso
Sat 10 Nov18:30TestIrelandIreland28 - 17ArgentinaArgentinaH
W 28-17Aviva Stadium52,000
Sat 17 Nov19:00TestIrelandIreland16 - 9New ZealandNew ZealandH
W 16-9Aviva Stadium51,000
Sun 18 Nov13:00FIreland WomenIreland Women10 - 19USA WomenUSA WomenH
L 10-19Energia Park
Sat 24 Nov18:30TestIrelandIreland57 - 14United StatesUnited StatesH
W 57-14Aviva Stadium51,000
Sat 24 Nov17:40FEngland WomenEngland Women37 - 15Ireland WomenIreland WomenA
L 15-37Twickenham
Thu 29 Nov13:28W7-PoolIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s26 - 0Russia Women's 7sRussia Women's 7sH
W 26-0Dubai
Thu 29 Nov16:24W7-PoolIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s27 - 12KenyaIRFUH
W 27-12Dubai
Thu 29 Nov19:43W7-PoolNew Zealand Women's 7sNew Zealand Women's 7s24 - 17Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 17-24Dubai
Fri 30 Nov10:01W7-QFCanada Women's 7sCanada Women's 7s24 - 7Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 7-24Dubai
Fri 30 Nov13:01W7-5/8England Women 7sEngland Women 7s22 - 17Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 17-22Dubai
Fri 30 Nov16:01W7-7/8France Women's 7sFrance Women's 7s17 - 5Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 5-17Dubai
December 2018
Sat 8 Dec14:00FIreland U19Ireland U195 - 17Australia SchoolsAustralia SchoolsH
L 5-17Energia Park
February 2019
Fri 1 Feb17:00
Ireland WomenIreland Women7 - 51England WomenEngland WomenH
L 7-51Energia Park4,637
Fri 1 Feb19:15U20SNIreland U20sIreland U20s35 - 27England U20sEngland U20sH
W 35-27Irish Independent Park5,764
Fri 1 Feb19:30FScotland ClubsScotland Clubs9 - 23Ireland Club XVIreland Club XVA
W 23-9Netherdale
Sat 2 Feb16:456N-6NIrelandIreland20 - 32EnglandEnglandH
L 20-32Aviva Stadium51,700
Fri 8 Feb19:30FIreland Club XVIreland Club XV19 - 19Scotland ClubsScotland ClubsH
D 19-19Energia Park
Fri 8 Feb19:30U20SNScotland U20sScotland U20s5 - 24Ireland U20sIreland U20sA
W 24-5Netherdale650
Fri 8 Feb19:35
Scotland WomenScotland Women5 - 22Ireland WomenIreland WomenA
W 22-5Scotstoun Stadium1,778
Sat 9 Feb14:156N-6NScotlandScotland13 - 22IrelandIrelandA
W 22-13BT Murrayfield67,140
Sun 10 Feb14:30FIRFUIrish Students  v  Scottish StudentsIRFUH

Dub Lane
Fri 22 Feb19:00U20SNItaly U20sItaly U20s14 - 34Ireland U20sIreland U20sA
W 34-14Stadio Centro d'Italia3,000
Sat 23 Feb19:45
Italy WomenItaly Women29 - 27Ireland WomenIreland WomenA
L 27-29Viale Piacenza (Lanfranchi)1,500
Sun 24 Feb16:006N-6NItalyItaly16 - 26IrelandIrelandA
W 26-16Stadio Olimpico49,720
March 2019
Fri 8 Mar19:15U20SNIreland U20sIreland U20s31 - 29France U20sFrance U20sH
W 31-29Irish Independent Park8,008
Sat 9 Mar19:00
Ireland WomenIreland Women17 - 47France WomenFrance WomenH
L 17-47Energia Park6,047
Sun 10 Mar15:006N-6NIrelandIreland26 - 14FranceFranceH
W 26-14Aviva Stadium51,700
Fri 15 Mar19:05U20SNWales U20sWales U20s17 - 26Ireland U20sIreland U20sA
W 26-17Stadiwm Zip World (Parc Eirias)3,252
Sat 16 Mar14:456N-6NWalesWales25 - 7IrelandIrelandA
L 7-25Principality Stadium74,500
Sun 17 Mar13:30
Wales WomenWales Women24 - 5Ireland WomenIreland WomenA
L 5-24Cardiff Arms Park1,200
April 2019
Fri 5 Apr12:38HK7s-PGIreland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7s26 - 0Jamaica SevensIRFUH
W 26-0Hong Kong Stadium
Fri 5 Apr15:43HK7s-PGIreland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7s26 - 26UruguayIRFUH
D 26-26Hong Kong Stadium
Sat 6 Apr10:08HK7s-PGIreland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7s33 - 7RussiaRussiaH
W 33-7Hong Kong Stadium
Sat 6 Apr12:30HK7s-QFIreland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7s47 - 0RussiaRussiaH
W 47-0Hong Kong Stadium
Sun 7 Apr05:38HK7s-SFIreland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7s19 - 10Germany SevensIRFUH
W 19-10Hong Kong Stadium
Sun 7 Apr12:30HK7s-FHong KongHong Kong7 - 28Ireland Men's 7sIreland Men's 7sA
W 28-7Hong Kong Stadium
Sat 13 Apr14:40U18SNIreland U18sIreland U18s24 - 29France U18sFrance U18sH
L 24-29Gillman's Ground (Hartpury College)
Tue 16 Apr18:00FFrance U19sFrance U19s17 - 21Ireland U19Ireland U19A
W 21-17Stade Municipal de Lumio
Wed 17 Apr13:40U18SNEngland U18sEngland U18s24 - 17Ireland U18sIreland U18sA
L 17-24Sixways Stadium, Worcester
Sat 20 Apr20:00FFrance U19sFrance U19s15 - 6Ireland U19Ireland U19A
L 6-15Stade Armand-Cesari, Bastia
Sun 21 Apr11:10U18SNIreland U18sIreland U18s40 - 42Scotland U18sScotland U18sH
L 40-42Kingsholm
Wed 24 Apr14:30FIRFUIreland U18 Clubs & Schools30 - 17England U18 CountiesEngland U18 CountiesH
W 30-17Energia Park
Sat 27 Apr14:00FIRFUIreland U18 Clubs & Schools6 - 11England U18 CountiesEngland U18 CountiesH
L 6-11Ashbourne RFC
June 2019
Tue 4 Jun15:30U20WC-PBEngland U20sEngland U20s  v  Ireland U20sIreland U20sA

Estadio Ateneo Inmaculada
Sat 8 Jun10:30U20WC-PBAustralia U20sAustralia U20s  v  Ireland U20sIreland U20sA

Estadio Ateneo Inmaculada
Wed 12 Jun10:30U20WC-PBItaly U20sItaly U20s  v  Ireland U20sIreland U20sA

Estadio Ateneo Inmaculada
August 2019
Sat 10 Aug14:00TestIrelandIreland  v  ItalyItalyH

Aviva Stadium
Sat 10 Aug
6N-6NIrelandIreland  v  ItalyItalyH

Aviva Stadium
Sat 24 Aug15:00TestEnglandEngland  v  IrelandIrelandA

Twickenham Stadium
Sat 24 Aug
6N-6NEnglandEngland  v  IrelandIrelandA

Sat 31 Aug14:30TestWalesWales  v  IrelandIrelandA

Principality Stadium
Sat 31 Aug
6N-6NWalesWales  v  IrelandIrelandA

Principality Stadium
September 2019
Sat 7 Sep14:00TestIrelandIreland  v  WalesWalesH

Aviva Stadium
Sat 7 Sep
6N-6NIrelandIreland  v  WalesWalesH

Aviva Stadium
Sun 22 Sep16:45RWC-PAIrelandIreland  v  ScotlandScotlandH

International (Nissan) Stadium
Sat 28 Sep16:15RWC-PAJapanJapan  v  IrelandIrelandA

ECOPA (Ogasayama) Stadium
October 2019
Thu 3 Oct19:15RWC-PAIrelandIreland  v  RussiaRussiaH

Noevir (Misaki Park) Stadium
Sat 12 Oct19:45RWC-PAIrelandIreland  v  SamoaSamoaH

Level5 (Hakatanomori) Stadium
February 2020
Sat 1 Feb16:456N-6NIrelandIreland  v  ScotlandScotlandH

Aviva StadiumITV,FR2,Virgin Media,DMAX,NBC
Sat 8 Feb14:156N-6NIrelandIreland  v  WalesWalesH

Aviva StadiumITV,FR2,Virgin Media,DMAX,NBC,S4C
Sun 23 Feb15:006N-6NEnglandEngland  v  IrelandIrelandA

Twickenham StadiumITV,FR2,Virgin Media,DMAX,NBC
March 2020
Sat 7 Mar14:156N-6NIrelandIreland  v  ItalyItalyH

Aviva StadiumITV,FR2,Virgin Media,DMAX,NBC
Sat 14 Mar21:006N-6NFranceFrance  v  IrelandIrelandA

February 2021
Sun 7 Feb15:006N-6NWalesWales  v  IrelandIrelandA

Principality StadiumBBC,FR2,Virgin Media,DMAX,NBC,S4C
Sun 14 Feb15:006N-6NIrelandIreland  v  FranceFranceH

Aviva StadiumITV,FR2,Virgin Media,DMAX,NBC
Sat 27 Feb15:156N-6NItalyItaly  v  IrelandIrelandA

March 2021
Sun 14 Mar15:006N-6NScotlandScotland  v  IrelandIrelandA

BT MurrayfieldBBC,FR2,Virgin Media,DMAX,NBC
Sat 20 Mar16:456N-6NIrelandIreland  v  EnglandEnglandH

Aviva StadiumITV,FR2,Virgin Media,DMAX,NBC
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